Hot Anti-Cellulite Complex With Coffee Scrub

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An effective complex for getting rid of cellulite signs. Actively accelerates blood circulation, heats the skin surface, contributing to the removal of toxins and debris from the body.

Essential oils in the complex penetrate deeply into the skin, restoring its elasticity and stimulating the regeneration process.

200 ml + 250 g

The hot anti-cellulite complex expands blood vessels, activates blood circulation, and relieves edema. A double exchange takes place through open pores: micro-elements, vitamins, active substances and minerals penetrate deeply into the skin, and debris and toxins are released onto the skin surface through the open pores.

It stimulates the lipolysis, reabsorption and splitting of dense fibrous strands in cellulite, as well as normalizes metabolism. The effect of heat is generated by increasing blood circulation. It fights cellulite, restores elasticity and evenness of the skin, cleanses the body at the cellular level, saturates it with vitamins and minerals. Do not use if varicose vein complex.


Apply the scrub on a moisturized body, preferably after bathing or showering, when the skin is slightly steamed. Massage the area in a circular motion, paying special attention to problematic areas. Then, rinse the scrub residue with warm water and soak the skin with a towel.

Apply the wrap on cleansed, wet skin, preferably after a scrub. Cover the problem areas of the body with a uniform, thick layer and wrap tightly with food film - be careful not to make it too tight - and leave on 30-50 minutes. Then, remove the remains of the wrap with a dry cloth and rinse gently with cool water.

• individual intolerance to separate components of the product;
• pregnancy or breast feeding;
• varicose veins;
• cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure;
• oncological diseases;
• not to use if you have swellings, skin damage or chronic illnesses at a time of worsening.

When using the wrap, redness and burning sensations may occur on the skin. Any such reactions disappear within about 40 minutes after washing off. This effect is due to highly effective active substances that are perfectly safe. We recommend testing the wrap on a small area of skin for 5-50 minutes before applying it to the entire surface of the "problem areas", and gradually increase the procedure time from 10 to 50 minutes. If the above recommendations are not followed, an allergic reaction may occur in very rare cases. With highly sensitive skin, as well as if there are any contraindications, please try other equally effective anti-cellulite products by Letique, such as, "Cold wrap with kelp and mint", for instance.

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